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     Sheboygan's location and geography creates some of the best waves on the lake. Due to this, Sheboygan has been a surfing destination for over fifty years. It is known as the "Malibu of the Midwest" for its fresh water surfing. It holds the largest fresh water surfing tournament in the world. For those who are seeking to take advantage of the fresh water surfing, the EOS Surf Shop provides world-class gear and lessons.

Entertainments and Events

       Rentals and Lessons

       Quarry Beach & Park

       EOS Surf River Race

       Surf's up in Shebougan

      Learn more at  A brief history of surfing Lake Michigan and  News Center.

Surf and Gear

     Check with EOS shop: Surfboards

     Check with EOS shop: Sups: Stand up paddleboards


     Dining at Yacht Club: Hours and Menus

     Lodging at Blue Harbor Resorts: Book Rooms (With dining)

     More choices: Sheboygan Tourism

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